I am a DPhil student at the Centre for Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems at the University of Oxford, and a machine learning lead for NASA’s Frontier Development Lab.

My mission

I want to inform the world about AI.

I do this by writing AI blogs, and publishing research on the intersection of AI and physics.


I used physics-informed neural networks to solve the wave equation: Solving the wave equation with physics-informed deep learning (ArXiv, 2020)

I helped NASA find resources on the Moon: Unsupervised Learning for Thermophysical Analysis on the Lunar Surface (The Planetary Science Journal, 2020, NeurIPS, 2019)

I accelerated the simulation of seismic waves: Deep learning for fast simulation of seismic waves in complex media (Solid Earth, 2020, NeurIPS, 2019)


I helped to accelerate wind energy production in the UK by facilitating a team of 8 ML researchers at the UK Alan Turing Institute 2020 September Data Study Group

I was a Series Editor for Elsevier’s 2020 Advances in Geophysics special issue on Machine Learning in the Geosciences


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